African Calabash Guest House - Namibia

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Free WiFi is available at the guest house. . Each room has a TV with cable service. Two rooms share a bathroom. Guests place orders for meals at the hotel's reception. Outdoor dining is available. Laundry is offered at a surcharge. Onsite parking is available and security guards watch the premises of the guest house.

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Location and Contact Information

Address : Florence Nightingale Street Khomasdal, WIndhoek, Namibia.

Location : Florence Nightingale Street Khomasdal, WIndhoek, Namibia.

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Contact : +264 61 212097

Other Information

Contact Person : Hendrina Tjejamba

Country : Namibia

City : Windhoek

Activities : Organised Tours around the city can be organised.

Prices :

Internet Access : Yes

Language : English

Other Language : Afrikaans

24/hrs Front Desk : Yes

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